Category: Nonfiction

  • How We Will Remember

    By Ploi Pirapokin What happens after a fire? Who dusts, sweeps, and tosses the remains out into open fields, to sow, replant, and tend to new growth? Do you need to know how a burn feels to recognize what it is like to be soothed?

  • Hong Kong Science

    By Elizabeth Hay Science gives some of us clear and logical explanations for phenomena that superficially appear to be chaotic. We calmly list the molecules and products, and balance equations; “energy” is not scary if we can predict and measure it.

  • Somewhere Out There

    By Brady Ng I am not alone when I say that, for years, an ambient presence has been percolating, waiting to be named, impossible to ignore if you care about the place you call home and the strangers who share it with you.

  • Junk Boats and English Boys: Damon Albarn’s Hong Kong

    By Karen Cheung On loving Blur and hating The Magic Whip